Introducing the Project


Artist Zoё Chamblerlain is working with the design team from Crest Nicholson and Murdoch Wickham Landscape architects, to create an interactive community art piece on the site of Cambridge’s new homes.


The resulting installation ‘Active Landscape: Field of Play’ will be a year-round all-age play space designed to encourage residents of all ages to use and explore the environment, and to discover aspects which may not be obvious at first glance.


As well as areas to simply sit and enjoy the view, Active Landscape is suitable for kids (and big kids) to run around, climb on and explore. It responds to the energy and enthusiasm associated with football; tactics and gamesmanship and concepts of movement, making connections with the visual language of football, whilst encouraging and engaging active lifestyle in the public spaces.


Designed to allow people to sit and relax, or get in a workout through climbing, running jumping and interacting with the various elements, Zoë worked with sports scientist Diane Johnson to ensure the sculptural elements could be used in different ways.


Active Landscape engenders a sense of place for residents and neighbours. It is inspired by the origin of the site as Cambridge City football ground but is far more than just a simple reminder of the area's past.

Find out more and discover a wonderful range of exercises and games that utilise the Active Landscape here:

Active Landscape cards with Kick Start leaflet
Active Landscape cards with Kick Start leaflet

Active Landscape Collaboration

Active Landscape

Form and function for the whole community