Field of Play Event 2016

Field of Play was the inaugural community event held on Saturday 30th April 2016, to mark the anniversary of the final match played by Cambridge City FC at Milton Road Football Ground and to celebrate the new community at Mitchams Park

Field of Play: Spirit of Song

An exciting songwriting project to create a new anthem celebrating the past, present and future of Mitchams Park. The project was led by musicians Kathryn and Jason Rowland. The anthem was created in collaboration with volunteers from the community with workshops at Chesterton Community College and Manor Care Home.

Artist Zoё Chamblerlain is working with the design team from Crest Nicholson and Murdoch Wickham Landscape architects, to create an interactive community art piece.

A sound installation created by Frances Crow of Liminal, in the form of a poetic reference to the spirit of the site, a memorial to the football ground, subtly incorporated into the new built environment.

Making The Move

Street projected animations from the Light Rider to mark the beginning of a new era for Cambridge City Football Club as they move to a new home.

Service | Movement | Desire

Short film intertwining footage from Light Rider | Making The Move exploring the evoilution of the old Milton Road football ground from gravel pit to sporting arena to new housing development.



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