Exciting ‘active landscapes’ workshop in next phase of KickstART

In May, public artist Zoe Chamberlain will be working with more students at Chesterton Community College on the next exciting phase of KickstART.

Students will be creating ideas for an active landscape that will be part of the new housing development.

The fun and innovative workshop will fuse art, sport and design. Students will learn about how active landscapes can help people stay fit and healthy, right on their doorstep.

Students will turn their hands to designing their own artistic compositions, to encourage people to engage with their surrounding environment in an active way through both play-based activities and exercise.

After working on their designs in the classroom, the students will get busy in the playground. Using their own templates, they’ll be armed with stencils and spray street-chalk to mark their designs in real size on the ground to see if they would work if they were actually built.

Zoe is collaborating with Cambridge University researchers at the Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR) to devise the workshop which is taking place on May 1st at the school. The workshop is about creating an engaging, active environment, and keeping the spirit of the former Cambridge City football ground alive.

Following the workshop, Zoe will use the students’ plans to inform her own designs when working with professional landscape architects on the active landscape at Mitchams Park, Cambridge.

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